A rare location overlooking the Islands of Hyeres. 4 minutes from Toulon/Hyeres airport

Our Services

Our Services

Do your boat maintenance and repair at Port du Gapeau. We can provide a full range of services to assist you with your boat safety, cleanliness and comfort.


  • Berthing and winter storage
  • Loading Equipment
  • Crane lifting
  • Fairing
  • Boat launching / grounding
  • Hull repairing and cleaning
  • Hull / Antifouling painting
  • Matt boat removal


Our Loading equipment

20 tons cranes x 2

40 tons crane x 1

hydraulic trailers x 2


Boat fairing

After dry storing your boat, the fairing operations comprise different operations to maintain your boat safe and clean.

Hull cleaning

Sea and rivergoing boats should go through with hull cleaning on a regular basis. This process is required for safety purposes but also to keep your boat in shape. Get it done by a professional!


The antifouling painting

Get your boat ready for that “long winter”’s nap. Antifouling painting prevents your boat, from damages due to aquatic organisms and fouling. Antifouling painting is a surface treatment which will get your boat to make it to next summer.


All year around at your service

Our team is happy to assist you all year long with cleaning-up, repairing and maintenance. A stop-over at Port du Gapeau is the perfect place to take a break in the French Riviera and get you boat in perfect shape for next season.

Our schedules

Office Timings

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday 

9 AM to 12 AM

2 PM to 5.30 PM

Call us now ! +33 4 94 66 42 52

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Pricing - Annual berth mooring

Pricing - Annual berth mooring

Annual membership contract : why chose it ?

A reserved berth all year long in our marina

A serious discount !

Annual berth contract conditions



Second hand boat market

Second hand boat market

Selling your boat ?

If you are selling your boat, think about storing it at the Port du Gapeau : a beautiful and well-known spot for buyers...