A rare location overlooking the Islands of Hyeres. 4 minutes from Toulon/Hyeres airport

Second hand boat market

Selling your boat ?

If you are selling your boat, think about storing it at the Port du Gapeau : a beautiful and well-known spot for buyers to take a look. Along with the stunning view, you couldn't chose a better place to sell your boat !

So you want to buy a boat ?

Come and find out about all the second-hand boats available all year-round at the Port du Gapeau. Thanks to a wide range of boats for sale available here in the same spot, you'll find the boat of your dream in no time.

Come and visit us in Hyeres !

  • An all-year-round second-hand boat market

  • Tips about the boats for sale 

Port du Gapeau's team is here to help find the hidden gem and share its expertise. Please contact us for more information about boats, services and maintenance.

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