The most beautiful ports of Var 3/3 - Best berths

Continue with the Port Gapeau visiting the most beautiful places in the Var for boating. The best berths are in our selection ! Let us guide you on the exquisite waters of the Riviera, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Saint Raphael: The Old Port

The Old Port of Saint Raphael was completely refurbished in summer 2014 and recently reopened to visitors and boaters after four long years of work. With its fish market, restaurants and shops, this is a new economic powerhouse for the resort, which is a rather high-end clientele.

The port of Sanary

A bay, a typical Provençal village: the port of Sanary is appealing its visitors. Tall masts and colorful boats alongside yachts create a joyfull and warm warm atmosphere in Sanary during the summer. Here wind can be tough though, due to a southwest wind.

The port of Saint-Tropez

Much could be said about Saint-Tropez and at the same time is it necessary to introduce this destination among the most famous in the world? The port of Saint-Tropez, a small fishing village was quiet before Brigitte Bardot made a myth and a jet set attraction of it. Today, if you want to stay with your boat in these coveted waters, you will need to get up early and put some money in ! Not to mention you have to enjoy the very bling bling atmosphere of this Var destination.

800 pitches including 100 visitors

The Port Gapeau

The Port Gapeau's is the opposite of Saint Tropez : a family atmosphere, wild environment and very authentic feeling. Located a few minutes from the city center of Hyères, the Port Gapeau was built along a river and offers direct access to the sea, the bay of Hyeres, and the Iles du Levant.

60 wet berths and 340 dry berths

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