Wintering of boats : ours advices near to Hyères - France

To preserve the inboard or outboard engines of their boats from bad weather, many owners opt for wintering. In addition to being effective, this solution has economic advantages. First dry harbor of the Hyeres region, Port Gapeau gives you tips for successful wintering your boat.

Empty your boat

Even on the Côte d'Azur near Hyères, winters are sometimes wet and cold. Before putting the boat in wintering, it’s advisable to empty it. Remove all electronic equipment. We also advise you to remove batteries and to recharge them from time to time to prevent them from becoming damaged during the winter. Store all accessories (boards, ski, diving equipment, etc.) in a dry and sheltered place. You must also protect the saddlery from the sun and the bad weather.

Clean your boat

Salt, sun, dust, during the summer your boat has been submitted to many aggressions. Take advantage of this period to clean your entire unit. Deck, floor, locker, cushions, regular maintenance extends the life of your boat. Also, remember to clean mechanical accessories and all electronic equipment.

Take your boat out of the water

To take your boat out of the water, you have to contact a serious and well-equipped specialized company (with trailers, cranes, etc.). When your unit has been carried out, the hull must be cleaned with a high-pressure jet. The stage of the careenage is often unavoidable. Once out of the water, your boat need a dry place to spend the winter. Port gapeau offers berths in the marina near Hyères in the Var

Treatment adapted to each boat

Wintering consist to take care of your boat engine (overturn the cooling system, oil control, draining the cooling system, etc.).

Because characteristics and specificities are not the same from one boat to another, each boat requires special attention. According to the brand and the type of engine, a special procedure must be applied to realize wintering.

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